Cosimo Perrone

Cosimo Perrone was born in Gallipoli in 1947, in the old town and precisely on the cliff, as he likes to say. For about four years he was correspondent reporter from Gallipoli for the “Quotidiano di Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto”. He loves to write about folk and folkloric traditions, among other things. A regional employee since 1976, he has been working at the Regional Educational and Cultural Services Center (CRSEC) in Gallipoli since 1990. To his credit he has a five-year collaboration as a cultural operator in the Scholastic Laboratories of Languages (theater, papier-mâché, animation, painting) as part of the inter-institutional project against Scholastic Dispersion between the Region and the Provveditorato agli studi of Lecce. An educator since 1970 in the Enaoli, after a voluntary interruption, he returned in ’75 to deal with youth issues in the Climatic Educational Center (CEDUC) of the Apulia Region, remaining there for fifteen years. During this period he devoted himself exclusively to organizing the leisure time of the minor guests, including, various theatrical performances and the staging of masked groups in the Gallipoli Carnival.
A poet and author of dialect plays, he has participated in various poetry competitions, both in language and vernacular, with flattering placings. He published the fable “Notte te ‘macarie” in 1988. Numerous of his poems are published in magazines and poetry books. He actively collaborates with Ormag in the creation of the project; he wrote the articles of “The News” (February to July 2001) and the biography of Alfredo Dongiovanni.

Publications by Cosimo Perrone
• Gallipoli, notte te macarie – (favola) Gallipoli – 1988
• Riti e manifestazioni di culto a Gallipoli: tra storia, mito e leggenda (a cura di) Regione Puglia CRSEC LE /48 Gallipoli – 2003
• Il monumento ai caduti a Gallipoli – Regione Puglia CRSEC LE /48 Gallipoli – 2004
• Alfredo Dongiovanni il barbiere musicista: brani di storia, di vita e di cultura a Gallipoli tra il primo e il secondo dopoguerra – Regione Puglia CRSEC LE /48 Gallipoli – 2004
• Gallipoli e le sue donne, Regione Puglia CRSEC LE /48 Gallipoli – 2005
• Giuseppe Franco: la famiglia, la vita, gli scritti – Regione Puglia CRSEC LE /48 Gallipoli – 2006
• Le forze della natura: le piante del territorio gallipolino tra storia, mitologia e folklore (a cura di) Regione Puglia CRSEC LE /48 Gallipoli – 2006
• Gallipoli… a corte: nel borgo antico trra corti, vicoli, mignami e portali, Regione Puglia CRSEC LE /46 Casarano – 2009
• I riti della settimana santa a Gallipoli – Associazione Gallipoli Nostra (a cura di) quinta ristampa – 2011
• Per devozione di– Le edicole votive nella storia della religiosità popolare – Sannicola 2013