Balsamo Palace

It was renovated and enlarged in the 18th century on an original 16th century structure, of which a large Catalan-Durres portal survives, together with some pod arched windows.

Owned by the Balsamo barons’ family, along the central road axis connecting the Castle to the Cathedral in the old town, the palace has developed a large windowed façade, which typically characterizes, in a wonderful perspective escape, one of the most fascinating corners of Gallipoli, overlooking the 18th century building of the Seminary, in perfect connection with the merchants’ old square and the town hall.

It was built in the first half of the 16th century with the majestic Catalan-Durres portal, of which some surviving remains are readable in the lunetted vault and in the entrance-hall, as well as in the square pilasters with elegant centring moulded with ovoli, readable in the three central windows of the façade on the entrance door, built according to a proto-baroque taste typical of the period, applied in the columns of the nave in the church of S. Francesco and in the entrance portal of the Church of Clarisse.

Original text – Elio Pindinelli
English translation by Rocco Merenda