Palace of the Chapter

This Palace underwent different phases of restoration, made in the eighteenth century, through the revival of structural and functional elements, clearly traditional such as the loggia and the mignano, and through Baroque fenestrations whose Borrominian motifs were hold dear by Mauro Manieri.

The Palace was commissioned by the Chapter House of the Cathedral to Adriano Preite of Copertino, the architect of the Seminary and of the innovative Doxi Palace. Fot the sum of 1.030 ducats, he designed and built it where the ruined houses “of Antonio Occhilupo nearby St. Antony Abbot“, that is in Bosco street, were standing.

The Palace was given away by the end of 1800 and partially belonged to the Portone family, who, in 1926, refurbished it by extensively reworking the interior, making new buildings in the courtyard and breaking the mignano up. Only the stone coat of arms of the Chapter which represents the martyrdom of Agatha, the Patron saint, can be seen nowadays.

Original text – Elio Pindinelli
English translation by Rocco Merenda