Le Fontanelle

le fontanelle GallipoliContinuing on the west side along Marconi promenade, on the small and picturesque little beach of “Fontanelle” you will come across the building called “Caporais”, once a warehouse belonging to the tonnara (tuna plant) of Gallipoli. This plant, very fishy, ​​so as to catch even whales, monk seals and other small cetaceans over its long history, was the most important in the whole coast, due to the favorable conditions of the seabed and the tuna migration route.

It remained active until 1973 and for decades it represented one of the main sources of support for many families of Gallipoli. Even today seeing it evokes stories of hard work and sacrifice. The beach is enclosed in a small cove hosting small boats mainly owned by people resident in the area and it offers a view of the entire coastline to the north of the city. Once located in the area still considered the suburbs of Gallipoli, it housed the typical bathing establishments in use since late nineteenth century, the “cambarini” (small rooms), built on the mainland and on pileworks.


Bibliographical studies: G.Albahari, L. Mba Pi Tricarico, “Ràisi Sceri and Patale” Le tonnare di Gallipoli, “L’uomo e il mare” editorship, Gallipoli, July 2012.

info: luigi_tricarico1954@libero.it