Comunità del Canneto – History and activities

The Canneto Community was born in 1975; it was followed from the beginning in its many initiatives by the then parish priest of the Maria SS. del Canneto Sanctuary, Fr. Santo Tricarico.

Many have been and continue to be the activities of our association: from theater to the polyphonic choir; from the vernacular calendar to popular music; not forgetting the many charitable initiatives.

As far as theater is concerned, a large number of hilarious and entertaining vernacular comedies have been brought to the stage over the years; they have always met with vast appreciation from the audience. One example is “La famija difettusa”, brought to the stage in 2005, the latest.

Several works in the genre of “musical comedy” and “rock opera” have been staged by the Community. The first, in 1980, was “Cain and Abel” by Tony Cucchiara. This was followed by “Storie di periferia”; “Forza Venite Gente”; “Aggiungi un posto a tavola” by Garinei and Giovannini; “Jesus Christ Superstar” (translated and adapted into Italian) by Andrew Lloyd Webber; Tim Rice and “Alleluja Brava Gente” by Garinei and Giovannini.

The Community is also committed to the rediscovery, revival and enhancement of the dialectal musical heritage of the Gallipoli area. In fact, the folk music group “Lu Cannitu,” formed by talented and experienced musicians from our land and the corps of dancers, brings around and makes known and appreciated to residents, visitors and the many tourists the rhythms and melodies of the Gallipoli folk tradition.

Another activity taken care of by the association is the editing of the now traditional vernacular calendar “Cantu te Caddhuzzu”, whose first edition dates back to 1990. Through the calendar, the culture, the history of our city and the wisdom of our ancestors are illustrated and exported, even abroad with the many Gallipoli emigrants who return to their city during holiday periods.

There are, in fact, a variety of columns inside, from: famous people to sayings; riddles to biographical columns; historical buildings to recipes; the methods used by our ancestors to cure themselves to trivial curiosities; etc. The calendar, in addition to being a means for the rediscovery and appreciation of Gallipolian civilization, has now, over the years, become a small treasure for the many collectors who jealously preserve especially the first editions, which have now become unobtainable.


The community has also distinguished itself in the field of classical music through the work of the Polyphonic Choir and the Small Chamber Orchestra of Canneto, both of which are made up of talented singers and musicians who have graduated from the Conservatory and music lovers from other towns in the province of Lecce as well.

Also organized, on the occasion of the festivities in honor of Maria del Canneto, is the “Musical June” festival in which both young concert performers and established musicians and conservatory professors from all over the region participate.

In the sphere of charitable initiatives, we cannot fail to mention the many Christmas Supertombolas held in the squares of the city and the Christmas Cake Festivals whose proceeds were always donated to charity.

In 2003 the group was formed into “Associazione Culturale e Teatrale Comunità del Canneto ONLUS” in order to be able to continue and carry on in an official capacity an activity that has continued unabated since ’75 until today.


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