Virtual Tour of the Old Town

The heart of Gallipoli is its historic center, a must visit if you choose to spend your holidays in Salento. Due to the circular shape of its walls and the seventeenth-century bridge, which looks like a handle, it is also known as a frying pan. The interactive map located at the top of the page allows you to immediately identify the most important and evocative places that characterize the old city, rich in art and culture. Among the most noteworthy are certainly: the Cathedral Basilica of Sant’Agata, patron saint of Gallipoli, the many churches of various eras, palaces and historic houses that over the years have changed their function. So what are you waiting for? Come and take a ride with us inside the walls of this wonderful city and let yourself be inspired by the beauty of its historic center overlooking the Ionian Sea!

La Perla del Salento

Come perla incastonata
in un anel di mare,
rifulgi di bellezza.
Ti cinge, trepidando,
e ti bacia il vento,
geloso ti rapisce
e porta con sé
granelli di carparo,
tua bellezza.
Dall’ellenica fonte
il riverbero di civiltà
di storia e d’arte
si spande verso i mari
e gli oceani
e in altre sponde approda.

Aldino De Vittorio

The Pearl of Salento

Like a pearl set
in a sea ring
you shine with beauty.
The trembling wind
surrounds and kisses you,
and jealously rapes you
taking along
carparo grains,
your beauty.
From the Hellenic Fountain
the echo of cultures,
history and art
spreads to seas
and oceans
and elsewhere gets ashore.

Aldino De Vittorio



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