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Scuba Diving

Gallipoli_Scuba_DivingASD SCUBA DIVING GALLIPOLI was founded by a group of friends with an irrepressible love for the sea. The association was born with the intention of making known to as many people as possible the wonders of the sea. The center offers: ADIP diving courses; guided diving; boat excursions; shore and dinghy diving in the beautiful backdrops of Gallipoli, Santa Caterina and wild port; snorkeling outings; scuba diving courses for children. All activities are dedicated to safety and fun, thanks to the professionalism of the Instructor Staff.


ASD ATLETICA GALLIPOLIAtletica_Gallipoli_ASD – From 1998 to the present day, Atletica Gallipoli Asd has established itself among the longest running athletics clubs in Puglia. The amateur sports association of president Claudio Polo has long been a reference point for fans of running and athletics that gravitate deep in Salento. The beautiful sports reality of the “Pearl of the Ionian Sea” had the merit of doing activities in a healthy way by promoting and enhancing the Municipality of Gallipoli thanks to the organization of several podistiche events, that have attracted athletes from abroad and from all over the country. In particular, the “Ionian Marathon“, which reached its 14th edition in 2023. The association affiliated to the Italian Athletics Federation, for years is also spent in social initiatives for solidarity and important collaborations with many associations between sport, charity, promotion, social aggregation and a pinch of healthy competitiveness.


Gallipoli Football 1909

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Circolo della Vela
The Circolo Della Vela Gallipoli is an amateur sports association, founded in August 1965 by a group of friends who love the sea, wind and sailing. The Circolo della Vela Gallipoli a.s.d. promotes the practice of water sports. Centro C.O.N.I. is one of the first Sailing Schools of the Italian Sailing Federation. It organizes regattas and sailing courses for children, teenagers and adults. It is also affiliated FIPSAS (Italian Federation of Fishing and Underwater Activities) and also organizes fishing competitions. In 2019 it was the venue of the World Championship of Floating Rod. It is affiliated with FICK (Federazione Italiana Canoa Kayak) and organizes introductory kayaking courses and the national amateur kayak gathering. It is located in the Isola S. Andrea Natural Park, inside the San Giorgio marina, near the Spiaggia della Purità in the Old Town.


Comunità del Canneto
The Comunità del Canneto was born in 1975 and was followed from the beginning, in its many initiatives, by the then pastor of the Sanctuary Maria SS. of the Canneto, Don Santo Tricarico.
Many activities have been and continue to be carried out: from the theater to the polyphonic choir, from the calendar in vernacular to popular music, without forgetting the many initiatives for charity.
The Community is also committed to rediscovering, revisiting and enhancing the dialectal musical heritage of the Gallipoli area, with the popular music group “Lu Cannitu”.


Lu Rusciu Nosciu
The famous musical group of the popular tradition of Salento was founded in 1995 by a group of university friends with two passions in common: music and love for their land, Salento.
Thus originated the project de Lu Rusciu Nosciu, which had as its main objective the dissemination of the musical culture of Salento around the country and, in a broader vision, the world.
The aim was therefore to spread the values and pastimes of the ancient inhabitants of this peninsula of southern Italy.
And it is already in the name that one understands the intent. In fact, “Lu Rusciu” in Salento dialect means “the noise”, that is, the sound, and nosciu, which means “our” gives its mark of identification to this idea of musical communication.

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Circolo Scacchi La Salle  





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Società Nazionale Salvamento sez. di Gallipoli





Gruppo Trekking Alezio
The Alezio Trekking Group organizes paths of about 10-15 km along hiking routes of Salento with the aim of promoting knowledge, conservation, enhancement, protection and compatible use of protected natural areas of the province of Lecce.



Associazione Socio Musicale
Culturale “Filarmonica Città di Gallipoli”