Antonella Margarito

Tenured teacher of music education, teaching continuously since 1980. – Entered tenure in the 1988/89 school year.
Currently teaching music at the 3rd Pole Secondary School in Gallipoli. 

• Journalist; since 1994 she has collaborated with the “Quotidiano,” from 1990 to 1994 she collaborated with the TV station “Tele Onda”
• She was editor in chief of “The Best Puglia Life Style” magazine and ‘Magazine’
• High School Diploma
• Piano Diploma
• Diploma in Music Teaching
• Teaching qualification A038
• From 1993 to 1998 used on the Gallipoli area in the project against school dispersion
• From 1998 to 2007 used as coordinator of the Territorial Music Laboratory at I.I.S.S. “A. Vespucci” in Gallipoli
• From 1982 to 1997 she was a member of the board SIEM ( Italian Society for Music Education) of Lecce
• From 2001 to 2003, he was part of the research project ‘Valmuss’ (Evaluation of Musical Laboratories in the School System) at the Invalsi headquarters in Frascati, collaborating with the writing of some articles regarding his own laboratory experience within the publication “Musical Laboratories in the School System” by ‘Armando Editore’ with Invalsi and Miur. 
• Participated, at the conclusion of the project, in the conference organized by Invalsi on the Valmuss project held in Frascati (Scuderie Aldobrandini), June 25, 2003
• Participated in the March 22-24, 2000 in Milan (Palazzo delle Stelline) in ‘Inforscuola 2000′ – Dida Musica – 1st national conference of music culture and practice in school’
• He also participated in the conference “The Special Music Project in the School of Autonomy” organized at ‘Disma Music Show’ (April 28, 2001) in Rimini
• At the conference “Musical Practice in Childhood” organized at ‘Disma Music Show” (April 29, 2001) in Rimini.
• At the conference “The Mus-e Project” organized at ‘Disma Music Show” ( April 30, 2001) in Rimini.
• Participated in the training seminar for coordinators of Music Workshops, (12 hours) on March 26 and 27, 2001 organized by IRRE Tuscany.
• Participated as a representative of the Lecce Superintendent’s Office at the conference “Cantando si Impara”-Music in the School of All- held March 26-28, 2008 in Bologna- Course Leader: Prof. Luigi Berlinguer
• He participated as a learner in the following refresher courses:
“Conscious dramatization with sounds” conducted by Prof. Maurizio Spaccazzocchi
“The Human-Sound Relationship in Music Education and Music Therapy,” conducted by Prof. Matteo Lorenzetti, psychologist and music therapist.
“Voice setting and choral singing in compulsory education,” conducted by Prof. Sebastian Korn
“Not just for singing, creative use of the voice,” led by Antonella Talamonti, professor at the Testaccio School of Music in Rome
“Music of mine, music of others,” led by Prof. Olivia Concha, professor of music pedagogy at the University of La Serena Chile
“Childhood vocality how to develop and educate it” led by Prof. Bruna Valenti Liguori
“Rhythm, music and music education according to the Jacques Dalcroze method,” conducted by Prof. Louisa di Segni Jaffè
“The word is not enough,” conducted by Prof. Daniela Canitano
“Collective improvisation: an experience through the voice,” conducted by Prof. Antonella Talamonti
” The Rhythms and Percussions of Africa” (10 hours), led by Senegalese griot Djibril N’diaye Rose
“Music and Image” (10 hours) led by Prof. Carlo Delfrati
“Assessment,” (8 hours) led by principal Rocco Mancino
“Theater at School,” (12 hours) led by Specimen theater company
“Non-verbal languages” (IRRSAE refresher course), conducted by prof. Vestilia De Luca
• Participated in the gospel music course held by maestro Luca Pitteri, “In…canto Mediterraneo,” organized by Arcopu.
• Participated for n.35 hours in seminars organized by the Lecce Superintendency of Education on “workshop activities in the pilot areas of the School Dispersion project directed by Prof. Serenella Molendini and Inspector Andrea Torrente

• He also participated for no. 80 hours in a course on journalism for cultural and professional development organized by the Assostampa of Puglia and Basilicata
• Conducted as a lecturer the following workshops organized by SIEM in Lecce:
“It’s Christmas when every wall collapses” theater workshop (musical experiences in comparison) held at the SIEM territorial section of Bari
“The world of grandparents – Salento folk dances and tarantate” held at the SIEM territorial section of Bari.
• He worked as chief press office manager for three consecutive years on the occasion of the Lecce Opera Season for the Province of Lecce, and in 1990 he handled public relations and conducted the ‘Teatro mio’ review organized by the Rome Opera House.
• Worked as head press office for the ‘Artistika’ fair in Galatina first and second edition.
• Collaborated in writing various publications (Ricordi- Siem periodical) and on the school system of music workshops
• Winner of the 2006 Champion Prize [link] – Order of Journalists of Apulia – with «Colpi d’Ascia, tracciando la scia» published by the periodical “Life style” in the February 2005 issue.