Calò Palace

This Palace, which overlooks the port, belonged to the Calò family. In recent years, it has been restored and has now changed into a modern boarding house. Silvio and Fausto di Maurizio were the last members of this noble and old family to to own the Palace in the eighteenth century.

On 14th June 1711, Silvio Calò got married to Margarita Rovito, daughter of Oronzo from Ugento. The restructuring of the Palace is attributed to Lecce architect Emanuele Manieri, son of the most famous Mauro. His unmistakable style can be seen in the shaping and in the outline of the doors and the windows of the entrance courtyard. The property renovation is due to Emanuele De Pandis who, on 3rd March 1731, had married Lucrezia, daughter of Giovanni Rovito, who, since her childhood had grown in Calò’s house.

In 1760 Silvio Calò died and the property passed to Emanuele De Pandis. Fausto, Silvio’s brother, being a priest, reserved the right to life estate as testified by the two deeds signed by notary Giuseppe Piccioli on 8th July 1762 and on 13th December 1763.


Original text – Elio Pindinelli
English translation by Rocco Merenda