Calò Palace

The palace recently restored, facing the port and intended for modern retirement, belonged to the Calò family and, last of this noble and ancient family, to Maurizio’s sons Silvio and Fausto, who owned it in the 18th century. Silvio Calò was married to Margarita Rovito, daughter of Oronzo from Ugento: they married on 14 June 1711.
The architect from Lecce Emanuele Manieri, son of the better-known Mauro, was probably the author of some interventions during the renovation of Silvio Calò’s Palace, for the clear style expressed in the shapes and profiles of doors and windows at the entrance courtyard. Its renovation must have been commissioned by Emanuele De Pandis, Mattia’s son, who had married another Rovito, Giovanni’s daughter Lugrezia, on 3 March 1731, brought up at the Calò’s since her childhood.
After Silvio’s death in 1760, Emanuele De Pandis became the owner of the property passed to Silvio’s surviving brother Fausto, who was a priest and who kept the simple lifetime usufruct, as it clearly appears in two acts notarized by Giuseppe Piccioli on 8 July 1762 and 13 December 1763.

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Original text – Elio Pindinelli
English translation by Rocco Merenda