Venneri Palace

Built in the first twenties of the 16th century, its façade looks austere in the Doric lines just sketched in the solemn cornice, embellished by baroque windows and a sumptuous balcony; it faces the homonymous open space rich in architectural décors, with showy graceful brackets having various phyto-anthropomorphic forms, which support the typical ‘loggia’ balconies opening over small wicket doors locked in limed walls.

The construction of this significant example of 17thcentury architecture, with the typical elements visible also in the Doric trabeation closing the first order of the Cathedral, is to be attributed to the Spalletta family, who were builders operating in Salento between the 16th and 17th centuries.

In the entrance hall the festooning of the lunetted vault is remarkable. In the hall of representation there is still the beautiful ceiling made in late 20s by Agesilao Flora according to the Decò and Art Nouveau decorative canons.

The Venneri family got extinguished into the branch of Andrea D’Ospina who, inheriting the properties, in 1767 added, to his own, the surname Venneri. The building is now owned by the Fedele family.

Original text – Elio Pindinelli
English translation by Rocco Merenda